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Exploring the Legendary Limun of Pekalongan

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Pekalongan City, situated in Central Java, Indonesia, is renowned for more than just its batik artistry. Within its borders lies a legendary beverage that predates Indonesia’s independence—a carbonated delight known legendary limun as “Limun Oriental Cap Nyonya Silhuet.” You can savor this iconic drink either at its factory located in the Jetayu Cultural Tourism Area or at Jalan Rajawali Utara No. 15 in Pekalongan City.

A Legacy Spanning Generations

The history of the Limun factory dates back to around 1920 when it was established by Njo Giok Lin. Today, this time-honored tradition continues in the capable hands of his descendants. The rich legacy of Limun is so deeply ingrained in Pekalongan’s heritage that the city’s government has bestowed upon it the status of cultural heritage.

A Unique Twist on Carbonated Beverages

Bernardi Sanyoto, the current custodian of the Limun business, shared insights with Z Creators about what makes Limun distinctive. While Limun shares similarities with cola in being a carbonated drink, its uniqueness shines through in the choice of ingredients.

“Yes, it’s similar to cola, but we have our unique touch. We don’t use excessive artificial sweeteners and preservatives. We also use corn sugar, which is low in calories,” Bernardi explained.

A Variety of Flavors to Satisfy All Tastes

Limun comes in a delightful array of flavors for you to explore. Options include pineapple, soursop, mango, raspberry, orange, and lemon. Yet, one flavor that has stood the test of time and continues to capture hearts is “kopi bear” or mocha.

A Cultural Experience Awaits

Limun makes for a perfect souvenir when visiting Pekalongan. However, you can also enjoy it on the spot because there’s a cozy café at the front of the factory. This café offers an atmosphere steeped in nostalgia, allowing you to immerse yourself in the culture of Pekalongan.

For the curious souls who wish to witness the production process, the Limun factory is open for exploration. You can take a guided tour and gain insights into how this iconic beverage is crafted.

Bringing Limun Beyond Pekalongan

Bernardi added that their factory doesn’t only serve customers on-site but also caters to orders from outside the city. With a production capacity of up to a thousand bottles per hour, Limun reaches various destinations, including other cities and an array of establishments such as restaurants, cafés, ‘warung makan’ (local eateries), and street food stalls.

A Taste of Tradition at an Affordable Price

For those interested in trying this authentic beverage, it comes at an incredibly affordable price. A single bottle costs only Rp10,000 (approximately $0.70 USD). Whether you want to enjoy it on the spot or take it home as a souvenir, Limun offers a delightful taste of Pekalongan’s history and culture. It’s a legacy that has been cherished for generations and continues to captivate taste buds today.


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