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Starfield Adventures: Bethesda’s Cosmic Upgrades!


Dec 15, 2023 #Bethesda
Starfield Adventures: Bethesda's Cosmic Upgrades!

Bethesda’s Plans for Starfield Mod Support, City Maps, and More!

Bethesda Game Studios is cooking up some exciting updates for Starfield, the sci-fi RPG that recently landed in our gaming universe. Let’s dive into the deets straight from the Starfield subreddit, where the devs spilled the cosmic beans.

Regular Cosmic Tune-ups: Every Six Weeks!

Guess what? The Bethesda crew is working round the clock on cool stuff like fixing quests, adding hotfixes, and more. They’ve got a plan to drop updates about every six weeks to keep our Starfield journey super smooth and glitch-free. And if there’s a little problem that needs fixing ASAP, they might sneak in a hotfix between those six weeks. Quick fixes for the win!

Futuristic Travel: Beam Me Up, Bethesda!

Hold on to your space helmets, space buddies! Bethesda is whipping up “all-new ways of traveling” in Starfield. No more long walks on alien planets – they’re thinking of cooler and faster ways to explore those vast landscapes. No more strolling for 10 minutes just to find a cool spot. Let’s hope they bring us some awesome cosmic rides!

City Maps: Easy Navigation in the Cosmos!

Ever got a bit lost in the bustling cities of Starfield? Don’t worry, space wanderers! Bethesda hears you, and they’re crafting city maps to make exploring a breeze. Now, navigating those alien metropolises will be as easy as steering a spaceship through the stars. Get ready to map out your cosmic adventures like a pro!

Mod Mania: Unleash Your Creativity in Space!

Calling all creative minds! Bethesda is getting ready to add mod support to Starfield. Imagine the possibilities – new planets, wild aliens, or maybe even a space-themed dance party KLIK88SLOT mod? The cosmos is your playground, modders!

Safety First: Testing for Stellar Experiences!

The Bethesda team wants every tweak and update to be as safe as a spaceship docking at a space station. Testing even the tiniest changes in a game as huge and dynamic as Starfield takes time, but it’s all to guarantee a smooth ride through the cosmos without any unexpected bumps.

Quest Quick Fixes: No Rollbacks Needed!

Got quest issues? Bethesda’s got your back! While they’ve already sorted out some quest problems, fixing in-progress quest issues can be tricky. But don’t worry, fellow space travelers, Bethesda is rolling out a new system to fix these without making you roll back your game save. Keep those quests going strong!

So, fellow cosmic explorers, gear up for an even more fantastic Starfield experience. Bethesda is on a mission to make our space adventures even more epic. Modders, get those creative gears turning, and space travelers, get ready for smoother rides and clearer maps. Starfield is leveling up, and we’re all on board for this cosmic joyride!

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