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Smolder: The Hot New Dragon in League of Legends!


Jan 9, 2024 #League of Legends
Smolder: The Hot New Dragon in League of Legends!

Riot Games is bringing the heat in 2024 with a fresh dragon – meet Smolder! This flying, fire-spewing champ is making waves on Summoner’s Rift, and Riot spilled the deets on how they cooked up this fiery addition. Let’s dive into the story and find out why the dragon is the next big thing in League of Legends!

Dragons Everywhere: Riot’s 2024 Trend

Dragons are the stars of 2024, and Riot Games wanted in on the action. Smolder joins the dragon squad, adding some fiery flair to League of Legends. But creating a dragon champ isn’t as simple as magic; it takes careful planning and creativity.

Meet Smolder: The Flying, Fire-Breathing MVP

Picture this – a majestic dragon soaring through the skies, breathing fire like a boss. That’s Smolder! He’s not your average dragon; he’s got style, attitude, and a burning passion for dominating Summoner’s Rift. But how did Riot come up with this blazing champ?

Behind the Scenes: The Birth of Smolder

Riot Games gave us a sneak peek into Smolder’s creation in a blog post. The devs spilled the beans on how they carefully crafted every detail of our fiery friend. From his look to his abilities, they thought about everything to make sure Smolder stands out in League of Legends.

Year of the Dragon Vibe: Smolder’s Special Connection

Wondering why a dragon, and why now? Riot wanted Smolder to vibe with the Year of the Dragon, embracing the theme and giving players a dragon champ that oozes dragon energy. The fiery look and majestic flight tie into the dragon craze of 2024.

Learning from Legends: Smolder’s Unique Traits

Smolder isn’t your typical dragon; he’s got his own unique traits. The devs took inspiration from existing champs and League of Legends lore to shape Smolder’s identity. It’s about adding a fresh twist to the familiar, making the dragon stand out.

Straightforward ADC Vibes: Designing Smolder for Impact

Let’s talk gameplay. Smolder isn’t just about looking cool; he’s designed to make an impact on the Rift. Riot went for a “straightforward” approach, making him an Attack Damage Carry (ADC) with a style that’s easy to pick up but tough to SLOTBANGJAGO master. Whether you’re a pro or a newbie, these dragon brings the fire without overwhelming you.

The Unveiling: Smolder Takes Center Stage

As the curtain lifts and the spotlight hits Summoner’s Rift, get ready for the hero in action. The blog post gives us a taste of what this dragon brings to the table, and it’s safe to say he’s here to leave a mark. With dragon-born abilities and eye-catching design, these hero is set to be a fan favorite.

In Conclusion: Get Ready for the Firestorm!

There you have it, League enthusiasts! Riot Games dropped Smolder, and he’s ready to set the League of Legends world ablaze. With dragons ruling in 2024, Smolder joins the ranks with a fiery spirit and a gameplay style that’s both easy and impactful. Brace yourselves for the firestorm, Summoners – Smolder is here to stay!

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