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7 Delicious Bakmi Spots in Glodok with a Legendary Twist


Nov 9, 2023 #Chinese
7 Delicious Bakmi Spots in Glodok with a Legendary Twist

Chinatown Delights in Glodok

As the Jakarta equivalent of Chinatown, Glodok is a treasure trove of scrumptious noodle spots (bakmi) that you must try. The noodles here are a unique blend of Chinese-inspired flavors, and the best part is that while you savor these noodles, it’s almost like taking a time machine back to the nostalgia of Jakarta’s Chinese community from days gone by. This area is brimming with its own cultural and historical charm.

Here are some fantastic places to savor delicious noodles in Glodok:

1. Bakmi Amoy

If you’re on the hunt for legendary and tasty noodles in Gang Gloria, Glodok, Bakmi Amoy is your go-to. Established since 1981, this humble noodle spot is always a crowd-pleaser amidst the hustle and bustle of Gang Gloria. Although it’s a modest place with just small benches, it’s always buzzing with customers during lunch hours.

The menu is diverse, offering nasi campur (mixed rice), chicken noodles, pork noodles, mixed noodles, vermicelli, kwetiaw (flat rice noodles), and locupan (clear soup). However, the favorite here is the mixed noodles, packed with sliced pork in soy sauce, red pork chasiu, and samcan (pork belly) drenched in a flavorful broth. If you want to take it up a notch, their fiery sambal is a must-try.

2. Bakmi Hosana and BOK

Right next door to Bakmi Amoy, you’ll find Hosana and BOK, an alternative for delicious pork noodles if Bakmi Amoy is too crowded. The eatery is equally simple, resembling a rustic street eatery with long wooden benches outside.

Their specialty is the pork mixed rice, a favorite among diners during lunch hours. It comes with a wide array of goodies, including boiled chicken, fried samcan, red pork chasiu, lapciong (pork sausage), and pork satay. Besides the mixed rice, you can have these pork toppings on noodles too.

3. Mie Kangkung Si Jangkung

Still situated in the Gang Gloria area, you’ll find another legendary and tasty noodle spot in Glodok: Mie Kangkung Si Jangkung. The Jakarta-style water spinach noodles they serve here are certified halal, making it a top choice for Muslim diners seeking noodle delights in this area. The place itself is unassuming, resembling a food court, but it guarantees satisfying servings.

A single portion is quite generous, containing noodles, water spinach, chicken, shrimp, and a distinctive flavorful brown soup. The broth is akin to lomie soup, slightly thick, with a delicious savory taste. They also offer siomay (dumplings) if you’re in the mood for some tasty snacks.

4. Bakmi Suikiaw Aseng

For a slight detour to hunt for delicious noodles near Glodok, head over to Jalan Kemenangan Raya. There, you’ll find Bakmi Suikiaw Aseng, a famous noodle spot in the Glodok area that operates 24/7. Imagine satisfying your late-night noodle cravings at this cozy little noodle shack.

They use a type of dry, chewy noodle that isn’t too soft and is drizzled with pork oil to make it extra tasty. True to its name, a single portion is accompanied by suikiaw dumplings filled with jicama, pork, and chopped shrimp. Another topping includes sweet and savory pork in soy sauce.

5. Bakmi Apo

Taking a short break from the Glodok area to seek delicious noodles, Bakmi Apo on Jalan Gajah Mada near Glodok is a great choice. This noodle spot is renowned, having been around since 1928 and is now in its fourth generation. Even though they’ve reached the fourth generation, the noodle-making process here is still done manually.

With a classic taste and smooth, aromatic texture, you can order both regular-sized and small-sized noodles. The toppings are generous, including a mix of chicken, pork, and mushrooms. In addition to noodle dishes, Bakmi Apo also offers locupan (clear soup), steamed rice, and kwetiau (flat rice noodles).

6. Bakmi Loncat Elda

Back to the hustle and bustle of Petak Sembilan, especially on Jalan Kemenangan, you’ll come across Bakmi Loncat Elda. This noodle spot is a prime choice and is located right in the midst of the market’s liveliness. It’s a straightforward, unassuming place, perfect for those on a quest for delicious noodles or to grab a quick meal after shopping.

You have the option of small or broad noodles, similar to kwetiaw, and the primary toppings include chicken and pork. Other accompaniments feature suikiaw, pork satay, locupan, and dumplings. Meanwhile, another customer favorite is their hearty, chewy fried meatballs.

7. Bakmi Aheng

One of the most renowned and delectable noodle spots in Glodok is Bakmi Aheng. You’ll find it on Jalan Kemurnian IV, right across from the Indomaret in Glodok, serving as a landmark. Its concept is similar to a simple semi-outdoor tented eatery, even though it has been around since the 1980s.

Just like many other noodle places, you can choose from either regular small noodles or broad kwetiaw-like noodles. The toppings are abundant, with a mix of chicken pieces, minced pork, suikiaw, dumplings, and meatballs. For additional side dishes, they offer boiled dumplings, fried dumplings, siomay (dumplings with peanut sauce), pork satay, and pork crackers.


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